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About SurgiCast

SurgiCast was founded to solve the unique needs of the medical industry. To our team, current medical video sharing, broadcasting and event production is stuck in the past with no innovation. Any premium products and services are typically out of the budget for most hospitals and individual surgeons. We hope to change how medical videos are viewed and bring some “wow” to your medical video production.

We Help You Share Your Unique Knowledge

Surgical Video Experts

Surgical and medical videos are unlike typical video projects. These videos need high quality playback to see the slightest details. You wouldn’t settle for subpar video quality, so why are you sharing videos the old-fashioned way?

We Understand Medical Quality

Medical events also require high quality video production with a unique crew that understands the medical professional’s needs. Projector contract and resolution make a huge difference compared to the usual PowerPoint driven presentations. High quality is also necessary for live streaming from the operating room.